The following services are available to Lilly employees, external workers, and third-partycollaborators. Registration of your Lilly account with myPassword@Lilly is required to begin utilizing these services. myPassword@Lilly is a self-service password management tool that allows you to manage your Lilly password from anywhere, on any device. Please follow the myPassword@Lilly Guide to complete your registration

The following Operating System and browser combinations are compatible with the Lilly services below; however, the optimal Lilly experience is through Windows with Internet Explorer.

  • MS Windows:?Internet Explorer (preferred), Edge, Chrome

  • Mac OS X:?Safari, Chrome

  • Apple iOS:?Mobile Safari?

  • Android:?Chrome


The?myTransfer?2 service is a secure email and file transfer application available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Please follow the Getting Started With?myTransfer?2 Guide.

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